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MyLocker FAQs

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Applying for training contracts is now easier with MyLocker.

MyLocker, a joint venture between AllHires (formerly Apply4Law) and LawCareers.Net, is a central hub where you can store key information about yourself in order to transfer it into the application forms of participating firms. The information that can be stored includes;

  • What schools you attended;
  • GCSE and other equivalent exam results;
  • A-Level, A/S Level and other equivalent exam results;
  • UCAS Points and Baccalaureate Totals;
  • Undergraduate Degree;
  • Undergraduate Degree Courses;
  • Postgraduate Courses; and
  • GDL/LPC results.

The primary aim is to allow candidates to focus their time and attention on the information which is specific to firms, such as long answer questions, rather than spending time repeatedly entering core biographical information.

Where can I create a Locker?

We recommend that you create a locker in tandem with a MyLC.N profile to enjoy all of the benefits of managing your research and applications in one place. Only one MyLocker can be added to a MyLC.N account.

In order to create a locker you will need to;

  • Pick a locker name (e.g. your email address or nickname);
  • Enter your email address; and
  • Choose a secure password.

It is really important that you remember these details as to ensure data security you will be asked for this information regularly. Once you have created a MyLocker profile all you need to do is enter the information into the hub – the navigation should be familiar to you as it is similar in design to AllHires (formerly Apply4Law) application forms. MyLocker has similar functions to an application form which means that you can:

  • Complete your information in multiple sittings;
  • Return to review your information; and
  • Return to update your information at a later date.

As you enter information into each section you will notice that you are asked to tick a box to confirm that your information is ready for transfer. If you do not tick ‘Ready to transfer’ you will not be able to transfer data into an application form. You can check what sections of your locker are complete by clicking on ‘Data Status’, sections coloured green are ready to transfer, those in red are not finalised and will not be transferred.

How do I transfer from MyLocker?

Once you have entered information into your locker and confirmed it is ready for transfer you are ready to start using the details when filling in application forms. Data can be transferred into the application forms of firms who use AllHires Graduate and have signed up to the MyLocker scheme. A list of all of the firms using MyLocker can be found here.

Application forms that accept MyLocker transfers will display  on the home page, once you have registered. what next?

  1. Enter your locker name and password on the home page to link the application with your locker;
  2. Start the application;
  3. Click ‘Load from MyLocker’ under each section to transfer information stored in MyLocker;
  4. Check, check and check again that your information is up-to-date; and
  5. Submit as usual once you have completed the form.

Please note if you have entered information into a section and then attempt to 'Load from MyLocker' the data you originally entered will be replaced with the data stored centrally by MyLocker.

Once an application form is submitted it cannot be edited, so we have designed MyLocker to transfer only one section at a time this is to ensure that you check information transferred from MyLocker thoroughly to ensure it is up to date.

How do I update MyLocker?

Updating information transferred from MyLocker into application forms DOES NOT update your locker store. If you wish to update the information you store centrally you need to log back into MyLocker and edit the information.

Updating information in MyLocker DOES NOT automatically update application forms where you have transferred information. If you wish to update application forms with the new content from MyLocker you should return to the application form and click  to update it section by section. Please note if you have entered additional information into a section and then attempt to 'Load from MyLocker' all data entered will be replaced with the data stored centrally by MyLocker.

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