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Verifying your email address

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It is very important that you verify your email address, as you will not be able to submit an application without it. You must do this yourself from within your email provider. 

If you haven’t received a verification email, or your email verification link has expired (24 hours after registration), you can request a new one is sent via your homepage.

(If you cannot see this, you have already verified your account and should be able to submit, after you have carefully reviewed your application.)

To ensure it comes through, we recommend addingnoreply@apply4law.comandnoreply@allhires.comto your contacts/safe senders list first.  For further information on this please see our FAQ on 'How do I ensure emails from the firm and application system arrive in my inbox?'.

Please note, you need to click the verification link from within your personal email inbox (not on the homepage).Only the most recently requested link is valid and links expire after 24 hours. You can find more details on this here:

If you are using (and not, please also check in the Personal Details section of your Homepage to make sure that your email address is correct. 

‘Invalid verification code’

We understand you’re keen to submit your application, however, please note that clicking on the request button several times will render the code in the previous email invalid. Please ensure when you request a validation email via the homepage, you wait for the email to arrive in your inbox.

NB – if your email domain has particularly strong junk filters, the email may take a few minutes to come through and/or may be filtered into your junk/spam filters.

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